2007 Yamaha Star Roadliner (11/29/2009)

This is my 2007 Yamaha Star Roadliner. It has the Silverado kit added to supply the removable windshield, removable backrest and hard saddlebags like the Stratoliner, but without all the polished chrome. A rear rack was added to accommodate a tail bag for short trips. The bike was acquired in Dec 2008, but couldn't come "home" from the dealer until the ice melted off the streets sufficiently on Jan 8th, 2009. It currently has 1600 miles on the odometer. I ended up working in San Diego all summer while the bike stayed in the garage in Idaho. The picture was taken during my return home for Thanksgiving 2009. I'm looking forward to doing some touring on the bike in 2010 when the snow melts.