Bill Klinton came to San Diego on June 22nd, 2000 to attend a fund raiser for Assembly member Susan Davis. Davis is a gun-grabbing socialist who voted for the "Assault Weapons Ban - SB23" and the "Saturday Night Special Ban - SB15". She is term limited out of the Kalifornia Assembly. Unable to find gainful employment, Susan has decided to remain a full time politician. She is seeking to unseat Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray. We don't want another gun-grabber elected to a Congressional seat in San Diego. The dinner at Bertrand's touts 60 couples paying $10,000 per couple to fund the Democratic National Committee with Klinton in attendance. The activity at the El Cortez was a mere $150 per head.

The San Diego Tyranny Response Team and local San Diego FReepers rallied about 100 people to protest Klinton and Davis this afternoon. The local TV stations were largely shut out of the event inside the El Cortez, so the spent time working the sidewalks. Many interviews occurred with mainstream TV and radio station reporters. It was a good opportunity to get our message of freedom out while the liberals were inside gabbing with Klinton.

This is my first event since purchasing the digital camera. FReepers at other events have graciously shared great pics from events around the country. Here is a collection of pictures from today's event.

San Diego FReeps the Creep
Group of supporters for Brian Bilbray and against Susan Davis
The San Diego Tyranny Response Team
San Diego FReeper and Tyranny Response Team leader Joe Brower
San Diego FReeper Poohbah
FReeper Aloha_Ronnie
Clinton chooses the El Cortez as they fly the flag that best represents his allegience.
Another San Diego Tyranny Response Team member with her daughter.
A San Diego FReeper holds a flag with handcuffs for a tassel and smoking a great big cigar. Clinton got a good look at the handcuffs and cigar as he left for a $10,000 per couple dinner at Bertrand's Restaurant.
Clinton likes his cops and his interns mounted.
The California Highway Patrol supplied a few motocycle cops as an escort
The cavalry moves out ahead of Clinton's departure from the cheapie $150 per person snack fest enroute to Bertrand's for dinner
Clinton's limo leaves for dinner. I missed photographing the creep through the passenger side window as he passed. He waved to the crowd...while the digital camera was recovering for next shot.